To The Stars: now with added RSS

5th May, 2015

After I published the colophon this morning, AWS uber-blogger Jeff Barr dropped me a line with a feature request: to add an RSS feed.

I was happy to oblige, and because this site runs on Lambda, it was a simple tweak.

Extensibility through Events

One way to put Lambda to work is via an event-driven architecture. Application components emit events which Lambda responds to asynchronously. Certain AWS services such as S3, Kinesis and DynamoDB emit events, but Lambda can also be driven by custom events from your own application code.

The little engine that publishes this blog already emits a new event when the index page has been updated. I use this to send myself a text when the new blog post has been published, so with a few clicks in the AWS console and a handful of Javascript, voila, an RSS feed is now available, served from S3 like the rest of the site.

For Jeff, and anyone else who uses syndication, enjoy.