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One-Click Deep Learning

One-Click Deep Learning

A Center Of Gravity For Deep Learning

We announced availability of the P2 instance type just under a month ago, and the reception from customers has been fantastic. The combination of GPU cores, GPU memory and bandwidth has quickly created a center of gravity for machine and deep learning on EC2. Coupled with deep learning frameworks such as MXNet and TensorFlow, this instance type puts sophisticated deep learning within easy reach of every developer. 

An image created using on a neural network trained to 'paint' like Vincent van Gogh, based on 'A Neural Algorithm Of Artistic Style' (implemented in MXNet).

We're making that even easier today, with a new version of an Amazon Machine Image, built and pre-configured for deep learning.

Fully Loaded Deep Learning In One Click

The new Deep Learning AMI runs on Amazon Linux, and comes pre-installed with:

  • MXNet
  • TensorFlow
  • Caffe
  • Theano
  • Torch
  • CUDA 
  • cuDNN
  • Anaconda
  • Python (2 and 3)
  • AWS CLI and SDKs

With the CUDA libraries pre-installed, these deep learning libraries are ready to roll without any additional configuration; just bring your data and your algorithms. A few clicks in the AWS Console, or a single click from the AWS Marketplace, and you're away. 

The AMIs are available today: 

us-east-1 : ami-87174d90 
us-west-2 : ami-264bed46 
eu-west-1 : ami-38541e4b

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