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Pre:Invent 2016

Pre:Invent 2016

Re:Invent, AWS’s global conference, starts on Monday. For customers, the conference is a center of gravity to learn about AWS services across hundreds of technical sessions, and meet and swap ideas with fellow architects and developers who are just as passionate about the cloud.

It’s also my favorite time of year. 

I adore the energy, the excitement and enthusiasm customers bring with them to Vegas, from start to finish: seeing posts on social media on travel plans from far and wide; photos on Twitter as customers arrive and see the signage for the event; discussions about everything from IAM policy best practices to who the entertainment will be at the party on Thursday night. And, as the event winds down at the end of the week, how customers (and staff), are hopefully taking some of that energy and learning with them as they return to real life.

It’s intoxicating.

An Amazon Mantra, Personified

We have a little saying at Amazon - you often see it on t-shirts or in email signatures - that sums up Re:Invent: /Work hard. Have fun. Make history/. Next week, we all get to enjoy and take part in the physical embodiment of that mantra.

Work Hard
There are over 400 technical sessions at the event this year; re:Invent is very much focused on learning and community, rather than sales and marketing. 

On a personal note: the event also codifies the creative output of thousands of builders inside AWS, all working on the final pieces of new services, and expanding existing services as we speak: it’s humbling to be able to represent these teams as part of the keynote presentations each year.

Have Fun
More than anything, re:Invent is a ton of fun; not just in the after hours events, but through the interactions, hallway conversations and serendipitous chats over lunch or a beer. The opportunity to learn, share deep stories, respectfully disagree with, and go out of the way to help each other runs deep. 

Make History
The cloud, and AWS for it’s part, have brought about a new era of invention. This week we celebrate that impact, large and small, and add some extra rows in the ledger of innovation.

Say Hello IRL

If you’re attending; I hope you enjoy the event. Wear comfy shoes, drink plenty of water, apply chapstick, and say ‘hello’ if you see me roaming the halls, after a presentation, or at one of the parties.

If you can’t make it, you can tune in to the live stream.


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